IBM MTM 2018: Part Two – Challenge #11

JCL is rarely written from scratch. Brings me back to the good old days where I was puzzling some code together I found on StackOverflow. I didn’t even understand half of what I was copying. It’s something I often look back to; just shows how far I’ve come.

This’ll be a small blog post as this challenge is also really simple.

Create JCL to Delete Data Sets

IBM Master the Mainframe Part Two – Challenge #11

The assignment is very easy. Make a new member inside Z30163.JCL called CH11JCL. This can be achieved by using the s ch11jcl primary command. Then copy the code from CH09JCL by issuing the copy ch09jcl primary command.

Please observe the blue text at the top of the image. I verified that it said CH11JCL. Now we need to change the jobname from CH09JCL to CH11JCL at line 000001. Then I need to delete all statements that enable creating data sets. In my case, I deleted line 15 up to and including 50.

Now execute using submit ; =sd ; st. It should output an Max-RC code of 0004. I know, the two screenshots above are horrible. I should’ve deleted the blank lines. This can be done using the DELETE command.

Looks good! But did the data set get deleted? Let’s check!

Yup! Those error codes indicate successful completion of this challenge! Copied the output to P2.OUTPUT(#11) and I’m done for today!


I just copied some stuff and deleted some stuff today. What about you? Did you delete something recently?

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