IBM MTM 2019: Part Two – Challenge #03

Moshi moshi, Kevin-des!

In this challenge we will get more familiar with IBM’s productivity facility. Does this mean we will get more productive? Well, inside a mainframe, YES! Outside the mainframe? Not so much.

Interactive System Productivity Facility, ISPF

IBM Master the Mainframe Part Two – Challenge #03

If you’re interested in viewing a video that explains the ISPF panel you can view this 8 minute video.

You can do the challenge preparation but it’s really only a quick tour of the ISPF panel. In my case, I don’t really need it anymore.

Use ISPF to copy a member of a partitioned data set to a different partitioned data set

This is a super short challenge. I like super short challenges. Let’s get on with it!

Much like challenge 2 we issue the primary command dslist PDS.DATA. Next to z#####.PDS.DATA we enter the line command ‘co /’. This command is used to copy the current selected data set.

We are then presented with a list of data sets we can copy to.

We tab to the left of the member named FUN and enter s to select it. Then the system will display a COPY ENTRY PANEL.

The only details we need to change are:

  • Name: p2.output
  • NEW member name: #03.

Add a slash next to Replace like-named members.

Then press enter and we should have copied the contents to our new member!

Verify the completion of Part Two – Challenge #03

Again we use the same commands as we did to verify the completion of challenge #01 in part two.

  • dslist ‘z#####.p2.output’ as primary command.
  • b line command next to Z#####.P2.OUTPUT
  • s line command next to #03

If you failed you will see:

  • If you see member name FUN instead of member name #03, then delete d member name FUN. d is a line command. This means you have got it wrong and you will need to try and copy the member again.

If you succeeded you will see:

13 thoughts on “IBM MTM 2019: Part Two – Challenge #03

  1. Hello.

    How do I submit the challenge Part 02 – 03? I’ve done it numerous times, I generate the correct file but it always appears as incomplete.

    1. Hi Flávio Martins

      There’s no real submit command for this challenge. Are you copying it correctly? You did not forget the add a slash next to Replace like-named members?

      Kind regards,
      – Kevin

  2. Hey Kevin, I’ve successfully completed this challenge, but when I check in the status data set, it says that it is incomplete. Not sure why, because I have the output that shows that I’m correct.

    1. Hi Michael,

      I’m very late, sorry for that, did you select to replace the output? Maybe try to delete P2.OUTPUT(#03) and copy the needed data set again.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Camilla

      Navigate to your Z#####.PDS.DATA and make a new member using s FUN. Then go into edit mode by using line command s next to FUN and issue the primary command: COPY ‘ZOS.MTM2019.PUBLIC.PDS.DATA(FUN)’.

      That should do it! In ZOS.MTM2019 you will always find clean copies of every data set.

      Kind regards,
      – Kevin

      1. Hi Kevin!

        I Still stuck here!

        I can’t copy the files, a message says “Copy Pending” and don’t change anything! Could you help me?

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