IBM MTM 2019: Part Two – Challenge #06

Hello and welcome to a new episode of fixing things!

Today we’re going to fix some bad JCL our intern Kevin has made last week. Oh Kevin, such a nice guy but sometimes works way too fast. It’s now up to us, senior developers, to fix his mistakes.

JCL: Identify and Correct a Syntax Error

IBM Master the Mainframe Part Two – Challenge #06

First we navigate to our Z#####.JCL, we can do so by using the primary command dslist jcl, then line command e for edit. Inhere we issue the primary command s p2ch6 to create a new member called p2ch6.

On the screenshot above we copy copy ‘zos.public.jcl(p2ch6)’ to our newly created member.

Our newly created member now has the faulty JCL.

Submit JCL and review JCL job output to identify JCL syntax error

Let’s submit ; =sd ; st so we can see the execution error.

INVALID LABEL. Labels typically begin with //. Do you remember my intro from the previous post? JCL HAS TO BE IN ALL CAPS.


The RC code is 0000. So I think Mr. Compiler is happy.

Review successful completion

Let’s check P2.OUTPUT(#06) and see if has the necessary time strings.

It has! We have completed challenge 6!

Any questions, por favor?

When will you release the rest Kevin? Can you help me with challenge 14 of part 2? Well not now, these blogs take time to write so I’m a lot slower than the competitors. I’m doing my utter best to release these as fast as I can. 7 challenges and blogs in 2 days is what I call good service 😉

18 thoughts on “IBM MTM 2019: Part Two – Challenge #06

  1. hey, i fixed all the syntax errors and resubmitted my JCL file, but when i check my P2.output, S (select) my #6 , shows “191213 225943 S0W1” , And in my “Zname”. Status shows incomplete, any thoughts?

  2. Hi Kevin

    After I put in the “copy ‘zos.public.jcl(p2ch6)’” command I am unsure on what to do from there. Could you put in clear step by step instructions after that?

    1. Hi Anonymous

      After you copy the data into the data member you need to execute it. This can be done using the primary command “submit ; =sd ; st”. Then you need to fix a syntax error.

      Kind regards,

  3. Hi Kevin,
    I messed with part 02 challenge 06; please tell me how to reinitiate all what I did and restart this challenge from bigenning.
    Thank you.

  4. Hi Kevin,
    I stuck, I didn’t see how you submitted the JCL and reviewed the error, can’t follow your hints, Would you please show us step by step because I am totally beginner.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Arman

      Is there already text in the file? The file needs to be empty before you can copy data. If there’s data, enter line command dd at line 000001 and line command dd at the very last line of the file and copy again.

      Kind regards,
      – Kevin

  5. Hello Kevin,
    as I think “then line command b for browse.” needs to be replaced to “then line command e for edit.”, in this case next command will be successful too.

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