IBM MTM 2019: Part Two – Challenge #14


Yes yes, I’m late! But I’m here to help you finish challenge #14, right now. There’s a couple of things I have to say about this post, I have recorded some configuration work because there’s a lot of screenshots on the official assignment page. I advise you to just follow the mybluemix page for the first 2 steps.

Ooh btw, this is my 50th blogpost!


IBM Master the Mainframe 2019 Part Two – Challenge #14

Configure Db2 Interactive ISPF Panel

There are a lot of screenshots on the official page but for everyone that needs it, I made a quick sloppy video displaying the few steps. You could call me lazy, but it’s in my opinion better than posting the same 10 screenshots IBM has. Everytime I go back or you don’t see me type, I either press F3 or ENTER.

SQL Processor Using File Input, SPUFI

The same goes for this part.

Edit, modify, and execute a fourth SQL statement in Z#####.PDS.DATA(SQL)

Back to being a text only blog! This assignment is very easy, we need to select only the phonenumber column from table vphone owned by ibmuser where employeenumber is ‘200220’. That’s very basic SQL.

So, what goes through my mind is select phonenumber from ibmuser.vphone where employeenumber = 200220. I’m not sure if there’s quotes needed as it’s a number. But i’ll go ahead and try with quotes as IBM went through the trouble to add quotes themselves.

Now go back to where we edited the SQL, just like before. From the ISPF options menu, d2, d, enter, 1, enter. Something like that. You can enter a new line by issuing the line command i1 at line 000003.

This is what I have, I’ll save and go back with F3 and then press enter to submit.

That’s a short phone number? Let me select * from ibmuser.vphone to see if I’m actually correct. (You don’t have to do this.)

Alright, it looks like those phonenumbers are indeed that short. It probably are internal phone numbers. I’ll go back, put the sql back and execute again so I can get score for this challenge.

Actions to complete the challenge

Go back to the ISPF Primary Option Menu and we need to navigate from here to Z#####.SQL.OUT. =3.4, your IBM user id as dsname, you know the drill.

Let’s edit SQL.OUT.

If you get this.

Press enter 😉

When in editmode, enter the primary command rep p2.output(#14) but do not press enter yet! At the first line we also need to enter the line command c99 to copy all lines.

Lovely! When you get a warning, you can ingore it. Let me check my output.

Now, TSO SCOREP2 confirms I have completed this challenge 🙂

A free weekend, not really, just this saturday!

Ahh, I finally have some free time. I’m about to see the Joker this evening in the cinemas. For the second time. What about you? Seen any new movies lately?

11 thoughts on “IBM MTM 2019: Part Two – Challenge #14

  1. Hi Kevin,
    I’m passing to CHALLENGE 15, I still stuck on CHALLENGE 12, dont know how to fix the problem of this challenge, I made the changes as said but no change in the output, TSO SCOREP2 says: INCORRECT.

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Edgar

      It seems to me that you’re having issues with a lot of challenges (5?) at once. Some challenges require other challenges to be solved correctly. There’s too many variables for me to help you out.

      Please take your time and fix the earlier challenges before attempting the later ones.

      If you want faster and more interactive help please state your issues in the Master the Mainframe Slack at There’s a lot more users there happy to help!

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Kevin,
        what I need to login in the slack
        I do not know the UserID which I login.
        best regard, Erko

        1. Hi Erko

          You need to make a new account, it doesn’t matter with which e-mail address you make it. It is not tied to any IBM account, it’s a totally separate system.

          Kind regards,

  2. Hi Kevin,
    This was easy if you know the concept of database and something about SQL language.
    Good to see you use new tools to show your knowledge.

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