IBM MTM 2019: Part Three – Challenge #03

Logging, the most important part of any piece of software and also the paper industry. Today we’re going to take a look at some handy logging tools in the mainframe.

System Log, SYSLOG

IBM Master the Mainframe Part Three – Challenge #03

Activate user log (ULOG)

From SDSF we need to enter the primary command ulog. We should see SDSF ULOG CONSOLE in the upper left corner of our screen. Do you remember how to get to the SDSF panel? Enter sd from the ISPF Primary Option Menu as primary command.

Let’s terminate by issuing the command ulog close.

Press F3 to go back

Capture SYSLOG output only related to your specific actions

So again from the SDSF menu we enter ulog. After that we need to enter some commands, be sure to substitute your ID.

  1. Enter command /d ts,z######
  2. Enter command /d m=cpu
  3. Enter command /d iplinfo
  4. Enter ulog again to display content of current ulog

This is what I eventually got.

Print the user log content

From SDSF we need to enter print. Then we should see lines printed in the right upper corner.

I have entered print and I have seen the lines printed message.

Write the user log content to p3.output(#03)

Note: Failing to include “Member to use” and “Disposition” could overwrite all of p3.output resulting in loss of previous challenge output

From the same screen I’ll enter owner z50087; prefix z50087; st. Then next to my jobname I’ll execute line command.

We need to view the DDNAME that begins with SYS.

It should contain the content of the printed ulog. It does! Now I’ll enter end to return to the JES pool listing. Yes I know I know, in the next screenshot you’ll notice Z500087 not found error, but that’s not an issue.

Now we’ll need to copy this using the xdc line command. If xdc doesn’t work because the print is open, enter the primary command PRINT CLOSE and try again.

I need to change the data set namemember to use and disposition.

Then we press enter and we should be done 🙂 Let me check P3.OUTPUT to verify.

Yes! Looks good! Consider this part done!

12 thoughts on “IBM MTM 2019: Part Three – Challenge #03

  1. After completing this challenge it seems that I am not able to view the status of my JCL jobs. However, I’m not sure what caused this issue. Is there a way to reset SDSF?

    1. Hi Anonymous

      If you can’t see your jobs, try entering prefix * ; owner z#####; as primary command (this at =sd ; st). This solution was kindly provided to us by Georges.

      Kind regards,
      – Kevin

      1. Thank you! I did notice this while browsing I think it was mentioned in your challenge 5 blog. Thank you for your time and doing this blog it has been a great source of help.

  2. Hi Kevin, I have a problem. I have completed the challenge but I had an extra number in the p3.output and I wanted to remake it. Now I have no jobs in the SDSF panel. Any ideas about this?

  3. Hello Kevin,

    Quick question, on this step “From SDSF we need to enter print. Then we should see lines printed in the right upper corner.” I received a message that say ” 41 lines printed ” instead of yours “47 lines printed “. Did I messed up ?


    1. Hi Alex

      Sorry to confuse you with that, I have made a mistake somewhere in my code along the way which caused me to print additional lines. I believe 41 is about the right amount.

      I deleted the extra 6 lines when I took a screenshot of my output, but I didn’t redo the print part.

      Kind regards,

  4. Hi kevin,
    Whenever I type ‘xdc’ command to the left of SYS DDNAME, it says “PRINT ALREADY OPEN” rather it should display “SDSF Open Print Data Set panel”. Can you tell me how to resolve this?

  5. Hi Kevin,
    I don’t like to do things with no knowledge of what I’m doing.
    Do you know what these instructions mean? :
    Enter command /d ts,z######
    Enter command /d m=cpu
    Enter command /d iplinfo

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