IBM MTM 2019: Part Three – Challenge #10

Hi people!

Thanks for all the help by the way! You guys are awesome! And again, I’m sorry to the commenters, I have about 40 comments, 8 e-mails and some PMs on Slack still waiting for help with their challenges.

I don’t have enough time to solve the challenges, write blogs and answer everything. I sincerely wish I could help everyone! I’ll do my best to answer the ones I can! I have noticed Akos and other users answering other readers, awesome!

As a non-student I have until the 9th of september 2020 to beat this challenge, but I’ll do my best to finish up to challenge 14 in time 🙂

PS: I have double checked for spelling errors this time (embarrassing)

IBM Z Assembler

IBM Master the Mainframe Part Three – Challenge #10

Copy assembler program source code

Let’s start by creating a new member asmhello in our SOURCE data set. Inthere I’ll copy ‘zos.mtm2019.public.p3.source(asmhello)’.

Submit JCL to compile assembler program source code

Let’s sub ; =sd ; st the code and check the output for ASMHELLO in the JES spool.

Identify reason assembler program compile was unsuccessful

Let me investigate the issue.

So I have noticed there is an issue with an undefined symbol.

Correct assember program source code error and re-compile

Let’s go back to our source code and locate the undefined symbol. Ok, I’ll try to help. A variable has been defined in the program body. The logic, in the program references, uses these variables. Something seems to be wrong with them.

I have highlighted the variables. Please take a good look and fix where needed.

I will submit the job, again using sub ; =sd ; st and check the output.

RC code is 0000! That means I have fixed the issue.

Execute successfully compiled assember program interactively

From the ISPF Primary Option Menu I’ll issue the primary command =6 to get to the command console. I’ll execute allocate dataset(*) file(recdd) shr and then call ‘z50087.load(asmhello)’. Substitute your ID 😉

Successfull execution writes two messages to the display. And there are two messages! Yaya!

Submit JCL job to execute successfully compiled assember program

Now let’s do the last step for this challenge. Issue the primary command tso submit ‘zos.public.jcl(p3ch10)’ to direct the output to P3.OUTPUT(#10). Pick any jobname as always.

This is challenge #10 done!

6 thoughts on “IBM MTM 2019: Part Three – Challenge #10

  1. on call ‘z00825.load(asmhello)’ i get an error that says “MEMBER ASMHELLO IS NOT IN DATA SET LOAD” . Please help!

  2. When I first read the IBM direction I was confused on what I suppose to do.
    But after re-reading a few times.
    I was able to do Challenge 10 and 11.
    This challenge isn’t as hard as it looks.

  3. Hello Kevin,
    that was a simple one, thank you again! I just stucked on next challenge, because unable to print 3rd line after modification. I am waiting for you there. 🙂

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