IBM MTM 2019: Part Three – Challenge #12

There’s a system problem! One of our system elements EZAFTPCU has encountered an issue! Let’s quickly get to our terminal and fix it!

System Programmer and SMP/E

IBM Master the Mainframe Part Three – Challenge #12

Retrieve z/OS module maintenance information using SMP/E panels

TIP: take note of all the names!

From the ISPF Primary Option Menu enter the primary command SM to display the SMP/E Dialog Panels. I’ll press F3 too to skip the tutorial. We don’t have time for this, our client is getting angery and my boss is pointing the 99.99% uptime agreement at me.

I’ll tab to the SMPCSI DATA SET and type ‘MVS.GLOBAL.CSI’. After that I’ll tab back to the cop command input and enter as query.

Here we go, I’ll press enter and then enter 1 as CSI Query.

Next up we know that EZAFTPCU is the ENTRY NAME and MVST is the ZONE NAME.

I’ll tab to the left of the MOD entry type and enter line command s to select it.

Now I get to see the following. I’ll try and remember the RMID and LMOD names because I need those to complete the challenge.

I’ll press F3 twice to return to the CSI Query panel. Now I need to do the same process but for different zoen names and entry types. The first one has MVST as zone name, SYSMOD as entry type and RMID, which we remember from before, as the entry type.

I get to see the following.

The SYSMOD type is PTF and maintenance happened on this element. Now let’s tap F3 twice again and query MVST as zone name, LMOD as entry type and we need to enter the LMOD name, which we remember from last time,  in the entry name field.

Now I get to see the following. We need to remember the SYSLIB name which I conveniently censored 😉

Yes I have removed a piece. I am required to.

Submit JCL to execute SMP/E utility program

I’ll create a new member SMP in my JCL data set. Inthere I’ll copy ‘zos.mtm2019.public.jcl(smp)’. Strange! I already had an SMP member in my JCL data set.

It looks like the one I need, I’ll keep it! Free stuff!

  1. Replace AAAA with the target zone name
  2. Replace BBBBBBBB with the MOD name
  3. Replace CCCCCCCC with the LMOD name
  4. Replace DDDDDDDD with the RMID or SYSMOD PTF unique number
  5. Replace EEEEEEEE with the SYSLIB system library data set identifier

Honestly, MOD name is a bit unclear to me.

What you know is the problem situation implicated a named MOD.

Nevermind, got it.

Now then, I’ll submit ; =sd ; st and the challenge should be done. Let me check my output.

Censored and done! Let’s continue!

Do you like censorship?

I personally do not. Be it the picture above or the internet.

9 thoughts on “IBM MTM 2019: Part Three – Challenge #12

  1. I believe I did Challenge 14, since it gave me an output.
    My output was &SYS.. = “Z#######”
    But I don’t know if there’s suppose to be more text on my output.
    Just have to wait and see you finish challenge 14.
    Also I can’t wait to see Challenge 15, since I know I need to redo that challenge as well.

      1. You have to run the =sd;log
        Enter SYM
        and find the line where &SYS… and Z######.
        (Its a six number : I thought it was my username at first)
        Once you find the text, put on line 9 and 18.

  2. There are 3 MODs in MVST zone.. Which one should I use to replace BBBBBBBB? EZAFTPCU or one of the other two?
    Please help 🙂

        1. Hi Mig

          I don’t have the same EZA text for any of the changes needed.

          * MOD ends with U.
          * LMOD ends with C.

          Then again, this is what I have. But I believe this is correct.

          Kind regards,

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