IBM MTM 2019: Part Three – Challenge #14

Hello Hello!

This is the “last” challenge of IBM’s Master the Mainframe 2019 challenge! I can’t believe I already made 30 blogposts in the last 4 months. Time goes by so fast!

The fifteenth challenge requires every individual contestant to come up with something unique. I won’t be much of help with the fifteenth challenge but at least you’ll have an example. I hope I don’t set the bar too low or something haha.

This challenge looks simple, perfect finishing touch to the part 3 challenge series in my opinion.

Hi California 😉

Tip by Kevin Durant: your output is going to be different than mine.

Tip by Felipe Fontes: S0W1, 0 is ZERO, not the letter O.

z/OS System Log

IBM Master the Mainframe Part Three – Challenge #14

Get and execute LOGLOOK REXX code

In my REXX data set I’ll create a new member called loglook. In there I’ll copy ‘zos.mtm2019.public.rexx(loglook)’.

I’ll go back using F3 and execute the script by using the line command ex next to our newly created loglook data set member.

What is the contest system name?

I guess SYS1? But last challenge it said in the output: “Column SYSNAME.1 has the value: S0W1”. So wouldn’t it be S0W1 then?

Revisit the SYSLOG and gather needed information

Aye chef! From anywhere I’ll enter =sd;log. I’ll enter the primary command SYM to list the system symbolics.

The system ID is synonomous with sysname, don’t forget it. I’ll go back using F3. Now, I’ll just enter top to go to the top

And then I’ll enter f z50087 to find log entries made by me. If I don’t find any, I’ll refresh using F5.

I have found some! Now what to do with it?

Modify LOGLOOK REXX code

I have to what?! Kidding! We need to make the following modifications:

  • Provide the correct system ID
  • Provide a search string which needs to be your ID

Ok the system ID we have remembered from last time and the search string is our IBM id. This should be pretty straight forward then? Let me see.

This part of the code has some variables. Which ones do we need to change? Hmm… I think I know which ones to change. I’ll do it.

Successful execution has records containing:

  1. log date
  2. log time
  3. message text where message text includes your id

Let’s take a look at my P3.OUTPUT(#14).

Looks good! On to Part 3 Challenge 15!

21 thoughts on “IBM MTM 2019: Part Three – Challenge #14

  1. Hi, I’m doing P3 CH14 and the end of execution I´m receiving abend S622, but data set is in catalog.

    20181 23:40:49.82 IEF450I Z59604 DBPROCCG DBPROCCG – ABEND=S622 U0000 REASON=000 .
    . 000007 20181 23:40:49.88 IEF377I Z59604 DBPROCCG DBPROCCG 769 .
    . 000008 Z59604.S0W1.SPFLOG1.LIST NOT CATLGD

    But it is in catalog, Z59604.S0W1.SPFLOG1.LIST VPWRKE

    Can you help me?

  2. Hlo kelvin sir,
    Today is last day and i m stuck on ch14 of part3 eventhough by doing step by step of instructions i am getting errors like invalid jecl statement, misplaced dd statement and job has no steps….sir plz hlp….

  3. Hey, I am getting a 72 line system log as the output. where you have got only few lines of output. Is it ok? or I need to make some changes? please reply

  4. Namastey Kevin,
    Everytime I enter ‘LOG’ as an SDSF command, it says “NO SYS1 SYSLOG FOUND”. Even I deleted my data member once and recreate it but again facing the same issue. Can you resolve it, I’d be greatful.
    kind regards,
    Phunsuk Wangdu
    from India

      1. Unknowingly I typed some commands like “ISF754I”, “SYSID SYS1″, ” ISFSYSID”, “ISF766I”. Before typing there commands consecutively ‘Syslog’ was getting appear to the screen but after these commands whenever I type ‘log’, it shows “NO SYS1 SYSLOG FOUND”. Is there any command to reset everything back to normal?

  5. Sir i have changed line 9 and 18 correctly but output screen is showing a lot of errors…please give me a proper direction to fix all these error…i need a reply please give me solution for this

    1. Hi Anonymous

      Which errors? It’s is possible that you’re looking at the result of this script. Please confirm that line 000009 has four characters in it: isfsysid=”????”. Try to delete the data member, copy the script again and re-do the challenge.

      Kind regards,

      1. Sir, in output screen only two lines are coming ie, ON TSOINRDR and STARTED……and
        Sir give me a proper description about each line or variable that we have to change in rexx code. We did everything that u said…but didn’t worked.

  6. So on line 9, we leave it alone.
    Because what I did, change it to the &SYS… file.
    And with line 18, I change to Z######.
    I got an output, so I assume I did the challenge right.

      1. Out of rush trying to match your output.
        I didn’t save any documentation on the text I put on line 9 and 18.
        I can’t get your output or my “accident” output.
        I should took a picture before editing the file.

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