IBM MTM 2018: Part Two – Challenge #10

Hold on… Do you also think that number 10 means something special? I don’t know. It feels rather different. I can’t believe we’re doing this! We’re getting there!

Copy Data Using IDCAMS System Utility

IBM Master the Mainframe Part Two – Challenge #10

This seems like a very short challenge. I will learn how to copy data using IDCAMS into various data set types. This requires me to edit CH10JCL.


Please observe line 000013 on the image above. There are two sets of @’s that I need to replace. The REPRO documentation indicates that the primary command is REPRO. So the @@@@@ at col 3-7 will be changed to REPRO.

The 13th line actually copies the data set, it needs an INFILE and OUTFILE. We need to copy just about 6 data sets so let’s duplicate line 13 5 times by using the r5 line command.

Then when that’s done… just change each @@@@ to the DDNAME from line 6 to 11. Let’s take a look at what I have now.

The yellow characters indicate my changes. The first two are only three characters, so just press spacebar to overwrite the unnecessary character.

What’s left to do now is to just execute the JCL using submit ; =sd ; st and view the job output. JOB03845 SUBMITTED!

I copied the output to P2.OUTPUT(#10) using xdc just like before. Let’s check the output, it should show REC-TOTAL 8 in the STATISTICS section of the VSAM data set attribute output.

There it is! It took me a while to find it though!

What about you?

Are you also completing some challenges? Which ones?

5 thoughts on “IBM MTM 2018: Part Two – Challenge #10

    1. Hi Rishav,

      You need to navigate to P2.OUTPUT(#10). If you mean the job output, you can jump back to the job status display using the primary command ‘=sd ; st’.

      Kind regards,

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