IBM MTM 2019: Part Two – Challenge #04

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You have stumbled upon my blog and you seem to need help or either you need a good read. Or maybe you’re bored? Or maybe you’re interested in what I do all day? Hey, who will tell?

Again the following disclaimer: the earlier challenges won’t have much screenshots as they are already provided by IBM. I will probably guide you more through the more difficult challenges where there is none to little help from IBM.

Use ISPF editor to change text image

IBM Master the Mainframe Part Two – Challenge #04

If you’re interested in viewing a video that explains the ISPF panel you can view this 8 minute video.

As this is just a series of commands and IBM has provided a lot of screenshots I will just make a summary of the needed actions so you can speedily solve these early challenges.

  • dslist as primary command.
  • e as line command next to SEQ.DATA.
  • if an EDIT entry panel appears press enter to proceed.
  • pfshow off as primary command. This removes the legend.
  • reset as primary command, this hides the MSG notice.
  • c x’00’ ‘(o)(o)’ all;c x’01’ | all as primary command.
  • c x’02’ / all; c x’03’ \ all as primary command.

The previous two commands are some form of REGEX. More about REGEX here. Although this isn’t really REGEX but a more simple change command.

  • dd line command at line 000002, DO NOT PRESS ENTER.
  • dd line command at line 000009, PRESS ENTER.

The dd command deletes several lines inside the editor. A single d as line command only deletes one line.

  • rep p2.output(#04) as primary command.
  • cc as line command at line 000001, DO NOT PRESS ENTER.
  • cc as line command at the line line in the file, PRESS ENTER.

  • if a confirm window appears press ENTER.

You should see Member #04 replaced in the upper right of your screen.

  • end;return as primary command.
  • dslist p2.output as primary command.
  • as line command next to P2.OUTPUT.
  • s as line command next to #04.

If you see a textual representation of the Simpsons then you have successfully completed challenge 04!

8 thoughts on “IBM MTM 2019: Part Two – Challenge #04

  1. After I do the final step( cc part), the screen show move/copy is pending, should I wait till something pop up? Cause when I check #04, nothing inside, did I did something wrong?

  2. Hey, how do i restart challenge #4 as whole? I don’t think i can overwrite it. I think i messed up so, i want to restart this challenge again without impacting my progress.

    1. Hi Anbu

      I’m not sure if you’re the same commenter from before on this challenge. But you could try deleting all the lines in the data set and then copying it over. Then it shouldn’t give you an error. You can delete all lines by writing the line command ‘dd‘ at line 000001 and ‘dd‘ at the very last line.

      Then enter copy ‘’ as primary command and see if you get the text back.

      If that fails, then please try and get help from an IBM engineer on the Slack forums.

      Kind regards,

  3. I accidentally deleted the entire data for challenge 4 and was wondering how do I reset it. It’s my only challenge left to do in part 2.

    1. Hi Anonymous

      Do you mean you’ve deleted the text inside SEQ.DATA? Or did you delete SEQ.DATA as a whole? When in edit mode try to enter copy ‘’ as primary command and see if you get the text back.

      Kind regards,


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