IBM MTM 2018: Part Two – Challenge #14

Just this challenge to go and then I’ll be able to have a crack at challenge #15. This is going to be a really short blogpost as there’s really not much to say. Let’s just hope I find time to do challenge #15 by friday.

Let’s not dwell and get on with it pronto!


IBM Master the Mainframe Part Two – Challenge #14

First of all I need to configure the DB2 ISPF Panel. The only thing I have to do is follow some simple instructions and I ended up with a blank file where I can put my DB2 SQL queries in.

I’ve executed select * from ibmuser.dept; and got the following output.

Looks exactly like the example screenshot. Now I need to edit my SQL and select the depts where debtname equals OPERATIONS. To insert a new line you use the i line command.

Output looks good! Next query: select deptname from ibmuser.dept where admrdept = ‘A00’;

Again, looks good! Now I need to select all rows and all columns from teble emp owned by ibmuser. That’s probably going to be select * from ibmuser.emp; let’s check!

That’s right! EASY! Now let’s just copy it to P2.OUTPUT(#14) and then we’re ready to go on to challenge #15!!!

Press ENTER and voila! Challenge 14 done! These are too easy!


A milestone! Have you reached any milestones lately?

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